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Why Choose Winawood? The Benefits of Going for Composite Furniture

Have you thought of improving the general outlook of your garden lately with durable and all-weather seats? If so, then Winawood is the way to go. It is the latest and most dominant technology in the entire garden furniture industry.

Made of composite material, Winawood is not just unique but very interesting as well. It actually feels and looks like natural wood. Thanks to the grain and wave effects created by the plastic compression processes.

This, compared to rattan, aluminum, and others, makes it one of the best replacement solutions of conventional wood in garden furniture.

The Benefits of Winawood Furniture:

So, why should you buy Winawood?

There are more than enough benefits that come with this type of garden furniture.

These are:

• Less Work: Sanding or oiling garden furniture can be tiresome, especially if done regularly. While this is the case with wooden furniture, Winawood need not be sanded or oiled since they are made of plastic composites.

• Less Expensive: With this type of furniture, you need not require a material cover and other maintenance expenses. This makes it cheaper in the long run.

• Takes up Less Storage Space: If your garden furniture is entirely wooden, then you have all the reasons to dread winter. If left outside, they will most likely be destroyed, and if taken inside, they just take up more storage space. But with Winawood, you don’t have to worry. You can leave them outside thus enough inside the house space to store other things.

Another thing that you may consider is warranty. And this brand gives you exactly that. The period might depend on various furniture dealers, but the least warranty period is normally not less than 2 years on weather defects.

Cost of Winawood:

Pricing is not bad either in comparison to the current cost of traditional wooden furniture. At a cost of £270 or $349 USD, you will carry home a full set. This is pocket-friendly really given the fact that you will worry no more about winter in so far your garden furniture is concerned. The only issue is where to purchase this type of garden furniture as it remains a new technology.

Hence, there might not be many Winawood dealers near you. So, what should you do? These can be good options:• Online Retail Shops: Visiting online retail websites can be one of the easiest ways of buying this particular product. You can do this via Google where you will not only have the opportunity to compare prices, but also read other customer reviews.• Garden Centers: Is there a garden center near you? If so, then visiting a few of them isn’t a bad idea either.

Some of these even deliver the product right to your doorstep after the purchase is complete.

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